Royal Children's Hospital Flower, Balloon and Gift Guidelines
  Our Good Gift Giving Guide for flowers, balloons and gifts in the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. 

Keeping children safe is the number one priority at RCH Melbourne, so there are specific policy and procedure guidelines regarding the suitability of gifts for the various wards.  As the in hospital florist and gift shop to the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, we have a carefully selected range of flowers and gifts that can be safely delivered to children staying in RCH Melbourne. Are you worried about the suitability of the gift you’ve chosen?  We are happy to take your call to discuss any suitability concerns you may have. 


Balloons must be latex free for all wards.  Helium balloons must be on strings that can be shortened to 30cm. Sticks are not suitable for helium balloons. 
All our balloons are latex free so you can be assured they meet all policy and procedure guidelines.   
Balloons can bring a bit of bounce, fun and colourful distraction for patients struggling with boredom or with limited mobility. 


Flowers can be delivered to the following wards:

Dolphin (Medical Short Stay)
Kelpie (Adolescent and Rehabilitation Care)
Banksia (Adolescent Mental Health)
Sugar Glider (Medical Care)
Koala (Cardiac Surgery)
Possum (Surgical Short Stay)
Platypus (Surgical Care)
Cockatoo (Surgical and Neurology Care)
Butterfly (Newborn Intensive Care)

Flowers are often a lovely way to tell parents with children staying long-term that they're in our thoughts. 

Flowers cannot be delivered to the following wards for hygiene and infection control reasons:

Rosella (Paediatric Intensive Care)
Kookaburra (Cancer Care) 

Flowers are always beautiful, but not always appropriate.  Helium balloons and soft toys make an excellent alternative for patients in Rosella and Kookaburra. 

Soft Toys

Soft toys are accepted on all wards. 

Other Items

Potted live plants, terrariums or any other item containing soil cannot be delivered to any ward for hygiene and infection control reasons.  Soil is best kept in the garden in this instance. 

Royal Flower and Gift can help you select a suitable gift from our range and we offer free delivery to all wards in Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville.   We also have a range of vases that can be purchased for bouquets to keep your flowers fresh.   Contact us on 03 9347 7889 to discuss your needs.